The demand for industrial robotics continues to skyrocket in the United States and throughout the world. Workforce challenges, along with manufacturers and service providers driven to increase efficiency and performance, make robotics an economical solution for automating tasks. Each robot manufacturer has specific strengths. Whether it’s industry or application specific, control systems, auxiliary technology, price point, and support, rate is here to help you navigate your robotic needs, from specification to integration.


rate is an authorized integration partner for Fanuc Robotics. Fanuc is best known for their industrial robots designed in multiple form-factors including 6-axis, SCARA, delta, mobile, and collaborative platforms suited for virtually limitless industries from assembly to heavy industrial, welding, automotive, medical, electronics, and many more. Fanuc is also driving auxiliary technology by providing simulations, integrated machine vision, and industrial IoT solutions to reduce robotic downtime. 

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rate is a value-added service provider for Kawasaki Robotics. Kawasaki is a world-wide robotic leader serving nearly every industry with a vast catalog of high-performance products. Kawasaki specializes in general purpose, collaborative, palletizing, pick-and-place, arc welding to explosion-proof platforms and many more. Customer service, including service and training, keep Kawasaki a leader in the overall customer experience. 

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Bear Robotics

rate is an engineering service provider for Bear Robotics. Bear is the premier mobile robotics platform designed specifically to serve the restaurant, foodservice, and hospitality industries. The Servi and Servi + were developed to offset ongoing labor shortages and workforce challenges, increase staff efficiency with options to continue interactions with customers, and increase the overall service experience. 

The Bear robots offer customizable trays, smooth suspension, and a simple, clear interface. Programmable LED lighting simplifies human/robot interaction, and customizable voice commands can add a personal touch. The robots can work as a single unit or in multiples depending on service requirements. 

Outside of hospitality, the Bear platform is also suited for numerous light-industrial applications. These applications include part or material transportation and handling where reduction of non-value-added handling is required. 

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Collaborative robotics are changing the way manufactures adapt automation with their existing workforce. Dobot offers a wide payload range providing safe, reliable robots that are also robust and suited for many industrial applications. 

Dobot has demonstrated indentical performance against other leading collaborative robotic providers, but at a much more attractive price point. 

Industry usage is virtually limitless, and rate is here to assist you specify the correct Dobot product. Along with traditional automation applications including assembly and parts handling, Dobot is experienced in many non-traditional spaces including retail, education, and many metal processing and welding applications. 

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Rainbow Robotics

Rainbow Robotics, a professional technological mechatronics company, provides top robotic system engineering technology. With their flagship product, the RB series collaborative, Rainbow Robotics allows anyone to be able to operate the robot with just a few hours of training. Industry applications are broad from light material handling and assembly to heavier industry workloads including machine tending, welding, grinding, and logistics. 

Rainbow is an industry leader in development and implementation of advanced robotic platforms including quadruped, humanoid, and astronomical mounted systems. These futuristic yet commerically available robots apply to the military, security, logistics, fire safety, and astronomy. 

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